Teckla Reign

Tue Jun 24 18:31:15 PDT 2003

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Subject: Teckla Reign

Something I've wondered that Genji made me think about again.

What sort of differences pop up in a Teckla reign? I assume that nobody
beats their servants, as they do even in a Phoenix reign?

Also, how is the Teckla "heir" determined, if there are no noble Teckla?


Judging by what we know about the "fortitude" of Teckla, my guess would be
that the emperor would roll-over on his own house and let business continue
as usual to appease the other houses.

As far as determining the heir, that is a confusing one.  Maybe the Dragons
pick Teckla based on who would make them Warlord and negotiate them into
power.  hehehe