Half-breed citizenship

J A 'Dusty' Sayers dusty at sayersnet.com
Sun Jun 29 18:37:41 PDT 2003

Philip Hart wrote:

> It's interesting how unfecund the Dragaerans are (on the one hand a good
> thing, given their lifespan, on the other it's unfortunate given their
> bloodthirstiness).  Note how energetically Khaavren congratulates Vernoi
> on his wife's pregnancy - I suspect there are other examples.  Being a
> bastard means one's parents likely carried on for a long time.

Perhaps this has already been mentioned, and perhaps it's too simple to be even
worthy of comment, but does it seem likely to others (as it does to me) that
Dragaeran infertility or low fertility could be a result of Jenoine genetic
tinkering?  After all, crossbreeds as we know them are often sterile, and I
gather than inbreeding weakens the gene pool as well (but I could be wrong; I am
not a biologist, geneticist, or, if we take Vlad's occasional snide comments
seriously, a zoologist).

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