We need an RPG

Mon Jun 30 17:44:10 PDT 2003

Well I definitely would.

All that needs to be written is a d20 gazetteer type thing for the world,
'cos using the open source d20 rules, you'd be ready to play right away.  In
fact are there any map/world books out there for the Brustiverse?

For example there are a few books for the Amber world (as written by Roger
Zelazney) <yes I know there was also the Amber RPG, but I am talking
independent source books for the Amberverse>, so if there is any base
material, it would be rather easy to turn into an RPG.  Well there are only
two primary races....the really tall elves and humans, and they cover the
gambit of classes, the only difference is sorcerers use the Orb, as apposed
to taping directly into the weave.

I would definitely have fun running games in the world.....maybe I should
begin writing something for it?  Anyone know of any good (even online)

Andrew Connor
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> How many of us are on this list?
> Everyone would buy a copy, right? RIGHT?!
> Also, I think that if such a thing were done, we ought to plan for the PnP
> and CRPG to be released at the same time.
> Kisc
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> > Darrill Guilbert said
> >
> > > re-Reading all of the Taltos books (because I can't afford new
> > books right
> > > now) has made me realize something.
> > >
> > > Mr. Brust, if you were to, say, get in touch with
> > and
> > > work with them to make a video game based on the Taltos
> > universe, I would
> > > pre-order it RIGHT NOW.
> >
> > With the LOTR success, now is a very good time to pitch RPG video
games -
> > though Steve's work is likely not mainstream enough to get picked up on
> > alone.
> >
> > Sean
> >
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