Nothing to do with Neil Gaiman writes afterword

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>> On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Gametech wrote:
>> >> Do Yendi ever dress in house colors?  Their stock in trade seem
>> >> to require not being identifiable as Yendi, in the first place...
>> >
>> >In a way wearing the garb could itself be tricky, saying to everyone
>> >It's possible I'm being deceptive doesn't necessarily mean that you
>> >are going to be deceptive, unless of course it benefits you. I'm sure
>> >Yendi dress house appropriate at some time, but thinking about
>> >comments like "you know he is a Yendi?" (from tSiG to Sethra in
>> >reference to Pel, I believe) makes me think that they do not in fact
>> >wear their house colors. Anyone else have something to add?
>> >
>> Aerich, who would probably know, says of Pel in tPG (pg 15, PB):
>>    "By the Phoenix, I think I could tell that he wasn't a Teckla;
>>    noble birth cannot be hidden.  And he was not a Jhereg, or I should
>>    have smelled it.  Every other House may be identified by face /and
>>    clothing/, save the Yendi."
>> (emphasis mine, of course)
>Right, good, that one is anwsered. So do they even have house colors
>reserved, heh?

On the other hand, is this just a conceit of Aerich's?  I know Vlad
has had trouble identifying House without colours.  Khaavren thought
Daro was not an Issola because she wears green.

Is it possible that, sans colour, House can be detected, but that the
practise of wearing House colours is so ingrained, it can throw
someone off?



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