Sat Apr 5 13:52:35 PST 2003

> This is Brust fandom. People of all ages, sexes, and walks of life, from
> every continent and some places that aren't on continents at all. And on
> the Web, your only locations are your email address and your home page.
> I got a tipoff from a watchful citizen. This "spiffit" had a hunch that
> the 'introduction' to Teckla, between the Cycle and the prologue, bore a
> suspicious resemblance to the voice-over opening to each episode of
> Dragnet. That's a classic TV cop show. A lot of you out there only know
> it from reruns, and maybe there's a few who've never heard of it at all.
> But this fan's been on the beat a long time, and I thought Spiffit was
> on to something.
> I checked it out with a contact at the Beeb. The tip was legit.
> 		Dragnet:
> This is the city: Los Angeles, California.
> [Often, but not always, a long monologue ending with a reference to
> crime.]
> That's when I go to work. I carry a badge.
> 		DragaeraXXXXXXXX Teckla:
> This is the city: Adrilankha, Whitecrest.
> [Two paragraphs about the city, its inhabitants, and the ultimate
> support of justice, the Empire, ending with:]
>   But the organization that exists at the core of House Jhereg operates
> illegally. The Empire is both unwilling and unable to enforce the laws
> and customs governing this inner society. Yet, sometimes, these
> unwritten laws are broken.
> That's when I go to work. I'm an assassin.
> The evidence was found convincing beyond a reasonable doubt. Verdict:
> Another entry in the Allusions file. Case closed.
> The story you've just seen is true.
> 	http://world.std.com/~mam/Cracks-and-Shards/jokes.html#Dragnet
> -- Mark A. Mandel
>    http://world.std.com/~mam/Cracks-and-Shards/
>    a Steven Brust Dragaera fan website

I used to watch Dragnet reruns with a passion, and spotted this right
off.  I thought it was fantastic, and giggled for minutes.  Yes, Warlords
giggle. You wanna make something of it ?


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