Brust on Tape

Sat Apr 5 16:25:51 PST 2003

On Saturday, April 5, 2003, at 07:23 PM, x*masberry wrote:

> At 18:43 05.04.03 -0800, MJ wrote:
>> >At 03:14 PM 4/5/2003 -0800, Bob wrote:
>> >>Hey, does anyone know if there are, or will be any plans for
>> releasing audio
>> >>versions of any of the Taltos books?
>> <raises hand>  I'll do one, but only if no one minds that I giggle
>> madly whenever I try to pronounce Vlad's boss's name.
>> ¬
>> MJ
> bringing up the question: if someone were to commission audio versions 
> of the Taltos series, should the author read them himself, should 
> someone else read them, or should a 'cast' read them?
> I listen to books on road trips and have loved the non-author readings 
> of LOTR and Harry Potter, but when it comes to a Bill Bryson book, i 
> think that only the author does his books justice. I can't think right 
> now of a 'cast' reading they i have liked or disliked to a memorable 
> degree.
> out of lurk-mode
I am always in favor of the author reading their book his/herself. It 
just seems more genuine that way.
"Everybody generalizes from one example.  At least, I do."--Steven Brust