Sun Apr 6 14:10:50 PDT 2003

On Sun, 6 Apr 2003, David Silberstein wrote:

> On Sun, 6 Apr 2003, Peter H. Granzeau wrote:
> >No.  They have a round face; nobles have sharp features and a long,
> >narrow face.
> The *upper* nobility, yes.  But perhaps Jhereg could have round faces,
> or Jhegaala or Chreotha or Tsalmoth.
> >>
> >>Hmm.  Do Easterners who buy in to the Jhereg get their hair styled
> >>to make it look like they have a noble's point?  Vlad probably
> >>wouldn't, at any rate.

Note that in _Orca_, Kiera shows up with her hair brushed forward to hide
her noble's point; she snarkily wonders if Vlad even notices.  And later
when Vlad dresses up like a Chreotha he steals a wig with a noble's point,
but otherwise he's sort of able to pass with (8-inch) boots and a little
powder for his beard.  Perhaps being in the wilderness has helped his face
become thinner...

Vlad wears a mustache to look less Dragaeran so he certainly wouldn't
have a noble's coiffure.