question about Orlaan - _The Paths of the Dead_ Spoiler

Tue Apr 15 07:13:52 PDT 2003


On Mon, 14 Apr 2003 14:21:23  
 Philip Hart wrote:
>Could someone enlighten me about Orlaan/Grita?  She's Garland's daughter
>by Sennya, we learn in _FHYA_.  On page 230 of that work, he instructs her
>to infiltrate Adron's encampment - apparently she is able to do so by
>doing something distasteful - presumably pass as a Dragon.  

How odd. My impression was that she would join the army and pass as a Dzur, and the distasteful bit would be to pass as a House that would not have anything to do with her due to her heritage.

I thought (perhaps mistakenly) that Dragon armies are made up of *mostly* Dragons, that being a rather warfare-minded House. (Not counting conscripts.) 

 - Barbara

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