Southern California Dragaera/Brustian Meeting

Fri Apr 18 09:02:18 PDT 2003

This will confirm that the Southern California Dragaera/Brustian meeting 
will take place as follows:

Date:     Saturday, April 26, 2003
Time:     11:00 a.m.
Location: Old Town San Diego
          El Fandango Restaurant

Please be advised that morganti weapons will need to be left at the door. 
Should you be carrying a great weapon we will take it into consideration and 
pending its strength and power, and your strength and power and house, we 
will make a determination whether it may be carried with you. If your great 
weapon does as you tell it then it will be treated as a regular weapon as a 
party may be revivified after death.

Should Paarfi, the interpreter of Vlad, or the dimension traveling Steven 
Brust decide to show then it is advised that we will buy his dinner and all 
the Fennarian brandy he can drink in an adventitious effort to drink him 
under the table. Should he not show (and he is not expected, so don't count 
on it) then we will make extreme efforts to drink each other under the table 
and out wit each other on our knowledge of Dragaera.

Reservations will be made today for 12 under the name Dragaera meeting. We 
at present have 7-8 people who plan to attend 5 of whom are from the list. 
The other three are the SO of another list member, my SO, and/or my cousin 
should he desire to attend as he lives only a few minutes outside of Old 

If you have any questions or plan to attend, or need to correct my 
understanding of the time and date we were planned to meet, please e-mail me 
at electrictwilight at hotmail.com and/or cc the dragaera list at 
dragaera at dragaera.info.


Holly @>-,-'--------

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