UK Meeting?

Tue Apr 22 05:21:25 PDT 2003

Wow.  A meal invitation and a slam against the Americans all in one
e-mail.  You're talented.

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If you U.S. type people can have a meal, then I'm sure that there must
be enough U.K. people to have a meal somewhere around London. (Not
_necessarily_ binge...we are NOT like the americans :-) )  I'm in Welwyn
Garden City on Herts.


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Hmmm... Maybe we can put together a Florida binge, er... meeting

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Oh, while we're at it:

Ocala, FL

> Tallahassee.
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>> Thnak you.   *sigh*  Calling all southeast hoisters.  Anyone in
>> Atlanta ?
>> W
> Nope.  Ft. Lauderdale, for what it's worth.
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> Felix Eisen