I have an extra copy of The Paths of the Dead

Fri Apr 25 07:29:06 PDT 2003

I had an ordering mix-up back in the fall that resulted in my accidentally
purchasing two copies.  One from Amazon and one through Baker & Taylor.

I know that there are several people who mentioned during the spoiler
discussion that for whatever reason, they had not yet obtained a copy.

Which of the following should I do:

1) Donate it to a local public library.

2) Give it to someone on this list, based on whim and past posts to this

3) Hold some sort "contest" to determine the recipient (essay, fastest
response, random selection, follow directions, etc.)

4) Establish a permanent lending copy, put a dedication in the book
requiring it to be sent along to a list of people.  When the list is
exhausted, the book would be returned to me.  At that point, I'd probably
donate my other copy to a local library.

I'm leaning toward the last of these.  Any thoughts?  Should I establish
some qualifications for inclusion in the list of people?  If so, what should
they be?