No Women, No Kids

Fri Apr 25 11:13:12 PDT 2003

Akodo Bob wrote:
> Hey all, I just saw the movie "Leon the Professional."  And it got me
> thinking.  Leon is a hitman and describes the "hitman code" which
> specifically proscribes against killing Woman or Children.  Has Vlad ever
> worked on a Woman or a Kid?  Well I'm pretty damn sure never on a kid, but
> as Dragaera seems to be a much more innately equalitarian culture, I
> wondered if the same sort of convention existed within the Jhereg.

He definitely ordered at least a couple hits on women.  I can't recall him
saying one way or another about personally working on any women.  Remember
they are fewer women on the Organization side and for the most part 'work'
is an internal Organization thing.