No Women, No Kids (mild Phoenix spoilers)

Fri Apr 25 14:20:52 PDT 2003

> And
> doing so would provoke Vlad into unconsidered action against them, and
> presumably Morrolan&Cie plus the heir apparent wouldn't be pleased.

I never got the impression that the organization considered Vlad a
threat.  They certainly didn't take into account the lengths Vlad was
willing to go to free her.  In hindsight, they would have perhaps been
better off killing her.  Regardless, I have trouble believing that
Vlad's reaction to whatever they did would have entered into the

> On the subject of the Cycle, everybody in the world except for Kelly
> that there can not be a successful Teckla revolt in anyone's lifetime
> (ok, excluding Sethra [if she has a lifetime] and the SiG).

Verra seemed worried enough about it to involve Vlad in getting Kelly's
group conscripted into the army.

  It's a bit
> puzzling to me that the Jhereg don't just wait a few years for Kelly's
> group to die off (impressing future generations with the futility of
> the struggle), perhaps helping them along in subtle ways that don't
> announce Jheregs-were-here.

They tried to "help" Kelly's group in a way that wasn't supposed to lead
back to Jhereg.  Vlad tipped their hand.