No Women, No Kids (mild Phoenix spoilers)

Fri Apr 25 14:21:24 PDT 2003

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Chris Olson - SunPS wrote:

> > And although Cawti seems to be the highest
> > female in Organization "management" after Vlad leaves her South
> > Adrilankha, I don't see Vlad ever trying to take her out. Obviously,
> > other Jhereg might. Although I wonder... in Phoenix, why don't the
> > Jhereg just take her out, rather than the big elaborate frame-up?
> Well, her best-friend and partner IS the Dragon Heir.
> They might not want to piss her off....

They do want to piss her off - that's the point of the second arrest, at
least to the SiG.  To be fair, one can probably argue they don't want to
piss her off so much she kills them all, just exposes herself enough to be

> :)
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