No Women, No Kids (mild Phoenix spoilers)

Fri Apr 25 14:34:41 PDT 2003

Just to be clear, I wasn't disagreeing with the idea (which I argued
myself above), just insisting on the distinction between medium-rare and
well-charred pissing-off.

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Chris Olson - SunPS wrote:

> > They do want to piss her off - that's the point of the second arrest, at
> > least to the SiG.  To be fair, one can probably argue they don't want to
> > piss her off so much she kills them all, just exposes herself enough to be
> > disenheired.
> True, but she would only be disenheired if she enacted her
> revenge like a Jhereg.  If she enacted her revenge like
> a Dragon.....  (Which, as I recall, was how the SiG went
> bye-bye in Yendi, whatever term they used.)
> Chris