Boston-area Dinner Pictures

Rick Castello rick at 404.978.org
Sun Apr 27 21:05:42 PDT 2003

John Klein said:
> Some pictures from the First Occasional Boston-Area Dragaera Dinner are
> now up on the web:
> http://www.illrepute.org/~zarkon/pictures/dragaeradinner/
> Rick, the organizer, also took some pictures (don't know if he's putting
> them up, although I expect so).

     Indeed, I am, and have been doing so for nearly an hour!  ;)


     Add comments to pictures as you see fit... :)

     It was great meeting everyone!  We ended up having 6 of the
     originally RSVP'd 13 attendees at the dinner, and much meat
     was had by all.

     When the servers bring out sword-length skewers full of six
     different kinds of tasty fire-roasted meat (beef sirloin,
     pork, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, lamb, kielbasa and
     Italian sausage, and chicken hearts) and keep bringing them
     around over and over and over until you can swear that you
     can hear them whispering under their breath "It's wafer thin!"
     then you know it's a good restaurant.  :)

     We had a running list of "heard at" quotables from the evening
     as well, that I think John was custodian of... much silliness,
     much fun, and nary any "work" being done to spoil it.

     Wish you all could have made it, we'll definitely do it again.