So. Cal. Brustian Meeting + a question.

Mon Apr 28 09:54:58 PDT 2003

The first Southern California Brustian Meeting was held Saturday, with only 
four participants, but with great interest, and much enlightened (?) 
speculation. Thank you Laz. your SO (whose name I have the undoubted 
misfortune to lamentably not recall to mind), Nate, and to all those who 
wished to be there but were no doubt forced by the most evil for misfortunes 
to miss.

James Griffin, Still Another Vlad faN

Question- the Great Weapons we've met so far seem to have a certain color 
associated with them- Iceflame glows blue, Pathfinder glows green, Blackwand 
is, well, black. What color would Lady Teldra/Spellbreaker glow when in use? 
Gold?  (I'm assuming that this is a glow that occurs during "use", 
otherwise, the blades seem to be the usual dull grey-black color of Morganti 
weapons in general.)

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