So. Cal. Brustian Meeting + a question.

Mon Apr 28 10:09:51 PDT 2003

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, James Griffin wrote:
> Question- the Great Weapons we've met so far seem to have a certain color
> associated with them- Iceflame glows blue, Pathfinder glows green, Blackwand
> is, well, black. What color would Lady Teldra/Spellbreaker glow when in use?
> Gold?  (I'm assuming that this is a glow that occurs during "use",
> otherwise, the blades seem to be the usual dull grey-black color of Morganti
> weapons in general.)

Note that Spellbreaker's functionality is closely related to its material
properties - it's made of gold phoenix stone.  Now that you ask the above,
I wonder if there's a GW made of black phoenix stone - presumably it would
make its wielder psychically invisible, almost as good as being Kragar.
Perhaps there are 17 special substances which are alloyed with Morganti
metal in analogue to the alloying with a soul we suspect is involved in
completing a GW.