So. Cal. Brustian Meeting + a question.

Mon Apr 28 13:58:05 PDT 2003

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003 09:54:58 -0700, you wrote:

>The first Southern California Brustian Meeting was held Saturday, with only 
>four participants, but with great interest, and much enlightened (?) 
>speculation. Thank you Laz. your SO (whose name I have the undoubted 
>misfortune to lamentably not recall to mind), Nate, and to all those who 
>wished to be there but were no doubt forced by the most evil for misfortunes 
>to miss.

Had a great time.  Haele and I were very happy to meet you and Nathan.
Wish more had made it, but a good time was had by all.

BTW, group, we spent some time with a blacksmith who works there in
Old Town San Diego.  But, despite our pleas, he still pretended not to
have knowledge of the making of Morganti weapons that he would impart
to us.  




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