Dragaera list: OT: suggestion for the list

Gaertk at aol.com Gaertk at aol.com
Wed Apr 30 07:22:16 PDT 2003

dreadstar <dreadstar at bigpond.com> writes:

> Can I possibly contribute in a small way to the list?

> I would like to suggest that all Users to the list prefix 
> their subject line similarly to the subjectline of this 
> email (or some variation).  I sometimes have trouble 
> determining what is spam & what is not, when the subject 
> line is a single word, or at least not in the least 
> connected to Dragaera.

This has already been discussed in the past; the consensus
was that most people don't want unneccessarily long subject
lines.  Also, such tags don't often work well with the Re:

> In the past, I know I have been guilty of deleting valid 
> Dragaera list email, because the subject line looked too 
> much like Spam.

Me too; just recently I was looking through the archives and 
saw that the knock-knock joke I deleted wasn't spam.

I see replies telling you about sorting on headers and 
anti-spam software.  But for poor unfortunate souls like
myself who aren't allowed to use third-party clients, I'd
like to ask that people take care not to write subject lines
that look like spam.  That means using proper capitalization,
spelling, etc.  And try include some reference to Dragaera,
or the OT: flag for off-topic stuff.

PS. Discussions of the list are always on topic.  You can use
the META tag if you want to distinguish it from the book