No Women, No Kids

Thu May 1 14:00:59 PDT 2003

> I suspect that that proscription refers to collateral damage. That is:
> You don't want witnesses to a hit.  You're assigned/contracted to take
> out John Smith. If your only shot at him is when he's talking with Bill
> Jones, well, that's too bad for Bill:  he's got to go. But if Mrs.
> Smith, or Mrs. Jones, or little Jack or Billy is there, the rule is that
> you do not hit them, even if it means leaving a witness or aborting the
> hit. (If your assignment were on a woman or, for some horrible reason, a
> kid, that might be a different matter.)
You might want to check the movie out, cause its pretty damn cool.  But when
describing his work to someone, he specifically specifies that he won't be
hired to kill women or kids.

-who still thinks Leon the Professional looks like Vlad Divac