Hand to Hand cross spieces fighting

Sun May 4 19:01:47 PDT 2003

>Well you see now how I could feel a little cross when the thought struck 
>This is my theory to why Vlad uses so many weapons (or extensions if you
>want to look at it that way) It also make me think that most of the hand to
>hand technique Vlad has is more engineered towards defense (as many martial
>arts are).

And as, it seems, Eastern-style fencing is also. Apart from the odd 
opportunistic, surprise-attack-style nailing of people through the neck or 
chest with his rapier, Vlad appears to parry/riposte or avoid and then 
counterattack a lot more than he charges around waving his sword around his 
head like a Dzurlord. Vlad's fighting style in general seems to make sense 
for someone who's weaker and shorter than his opponents (not to mention 
faster) - it's only when he's doing things like smacking 7 foot people in 
the head - or stabbing 9 and a half foot Jenoine in the 
anywhere-higher-than-their-bellybuttons that I can't really work out what 
he'd look like performing the actions described.

Maybe he just jumps a lot and doesn't tell us cos he's all embarrassed about 
being short.


"It is a fool's prerogative to utter truths that no-one else will speak."

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