Hand to Hand cross spieces fighting

Mon May 5 12:17:01 PDT 2003

>From: David Silberstein <davids at kithrup.com>

>I suspect that Vlad has long been familiar with ways of getting
>Dragaeran foes to move their bodies in such a way so that their eyes
>do end up closer to where his knife-hand is.  Knees, ankles, groins
>and so forth can be struck, legs can be tripped, etc.

>    There's a dwarfish saying: "All trees are felled at ground-level"
>    -- although this is said to be an excessively bowdlerized
>    translation for a saw which more literally means, "When his hands
>    are higher than your head, his groin is level with your teeth."
>       -- Terry Pratchett, from "Feet of Clay"

First of all, sorry everybody for my first message: I haven't present myself 
as newcomer.

I really like the idea of David, it fits a lot with Vlad, doesn't it?. But I 
think that if he used this "groin" method he wouldn't be embarrassed to 
explain it whereas it will if he needed to jump or wear special boots.

On the other hand, this size problem fighting fits a lot with the skills of 
Cawti as an assassin: she es better throwing knives than Vlad, but it must 
taken into account that a close fighting will be harder for her than for 

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