International Burst Fan Summit stuff

Rion Bergquist carpovita
Mon Oct 3 10:01:24 PDT 2005

As some of you know there is an impending Brust fan summit (May 2006).

Said event will feature, among other things a Dragaeran feast.  After much
discussion about the implementation, structure and content of this culinary
adventure Steve and I have come up with an opportunity for all of you.
Rather than Steve or the Directorship of the summit dictating what the feast
will be, we have decided to open it up to you, the fans.

So this is how it works.  Between now and February 1st 2006 I will be taking
submit ions for the feast.  Said submit ions can be for any part of the
feast from suggestions on food courses to table linens and background music.
Once I have enough suggestions and recipes to  define the feast I will open
up the options to this list for a basic democratic vote.

The only request that I make is that all aspects of the feast stay PG and
Dragaera related.  I know several of you will be able to not only give me
recipes, but the references to back up the existence of your culinary
creations, and that is exactly what I'd like.

The end goal is a feast inspired by Steve, designed by the fans, cooked by
professionals, and eaten and enjoyed by all of us.

Thanks in advance for your interest and involvement.

Rion Bergquist
~ Exec Director Opus Fantasy Arts Festival and cheerful member of House