"Four for NaNo" - tell Johne what to write for 30 days

Johne Cook johne.cook
Sat Oct 8 16:07:56 PDT 2005

On 10/6/05, Johne Cook <johne.cook at gmail.com> wrote:
> So to cut to the chase, I'm going to attempt to write four finished,
> theoretically publishable short stories of at least 3000 words in
> length during the four weeks of November, 2005, one per week,
> beginning 12:01 am November 1st, and ending at the stroke of midnight
> November 30th.

Ok, the forums poll seems to be too clumsy, difficult, or restrictive,
so I've come up with a Plan B.

Hit my writing blog, [url=http://phywriter.com/]phywriter.com[/url],
and vote on the poll in the Sidebar.  The advantage of this is that
there is no registration, no hoops, just a nice selection of Option

Not only that, you can add your own category if you are so inclined.

We'll try that for awhile and see how that works.


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