Firefly research

Mia McDavid mia_mcdavid
Sun Oct 9 14:59:19 PDT 2005

I'm not Steve, but for purposes of general context, I can report that 
Firefly consists only of 13 episodes and three comic books, at this 
juncture, so it's not an awfully big canon to get around.

What *I* want to know, is has Steve talked to Joss?


Howard Brazee wrote:

> Steve;
> What research do you do when writing a novel in someone else's
> universe?   I don't know if there are DvDs available with all of the TV
> shows, nor if there are other novels written in this universe.   But in
> general, how do you make sure you don't have a character do something
> that doesn't make sense because of what he did in episode 23 scene 2?