cover art

Tue Oct 11 18:10:10 PDT 2005

On Oct 10, 2005, at 6:45 PM, andy wrote:

> I went to some bookstores today to replace some of the items that got
> destroyed when my house flooded last spring.  Among them were the early
> Black Company books by Cook.   I was struck by how damned bad the 
> cover art
> was on those early books (white rose, dreams of steel etc etc) 
> especially
> compared to the later books of the glittering stone end of the series.
> What is the cover work ya'all gave seen that you like the most? What 
> cover
> work have you seen that makes you cringe?  That earlier stuff on 
> Cook's is
> like a bad 15 year old DnD fanatic's artwork.

Honestly? I've never been a fan of the cover art from TPG and FHYA. 
Also, there's at least Moonheart (I think) from Charles de Lint, 
between the title and the cover art, that  looks like a really hokey 
new age fluffy bunny crystals and pink light sort of book.

There's just what comes to mind right now... mostly books with bad 
cover art don't make it into my collection, 'cause when I walk into the 
store without any clue what I'll be picking up... well, I hate to say 
it, but cover art has a lot to do with what gets picked up and what 
doesn't.  It's horrible, I know, and I wish I had some better way of 
figuring out good stuff to read, but... :P

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