Today's magic lesson for an article on Dragaeran life, culture, and art.

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Today's magic lesson is from the sorceress and Dzurlord Ibronka
on a sorcerous field.

   "Ibronka stopped snoring, opened her eyes, and said, 'A 
sorcerous field refers to an area wherein the set effects of a 
sorcerous spell are continuous.  Examples include teleport 
protections and alarm wards.  The two advantages of a sorcerous
field over a conventionally cast spell are that it may continue
without monitoring for some length of time, and that additional
energy may be put into the spell, increasing its effectiveness
beyond what the sorcerer is normally capable of controlling. 
The usual way of determining if a sorcerous field is or has
recently been present is the Norbrook Threepass Test.'  After
completing this discourse, Ibronka immediately closed her eyes
and began snoring again."

Sethra Lavode, paperback, Chapter the Ninetieth, page 248.