cover art

Casey Rousseau casey at the-bat.net
Wed Oct 12 10:00:35 PDT 2005

Shawn Burns writ:
> Actually, you were all supposed to wonder if I'd been
> kidnapped in mid-sentence (somehow retaining the
> strength and presence of mind to click "Send" before
> my captors threw me into the trunk of their car).
> Alas, none of you care.
> (And I think Michael Whelan's cover of C.S. Friedman's
> "Black Sun Rising" is the Coolest cover I've ever seen)

Ah, but since MW is an undisputed master of the art form, one need not say
much more than you had.


A book with MW art is _much_ more likely to attract my attention than almost
any other artist.

On the flip side there are one or two artists whose work I have learned says
"Warning: here there be pulpy trash."  I'll not name names to avoid offense.
It seems to me mostly a matter of marketing.  I've heard that MW has some
very stringent requirements before he accepts a commission.  If you want him
to do the art for your book, you comply.

With the possible exception of CFSBG, I'd say Steve has always had good
fortune when it comes to cover art.