Michael Whelan's C.S. Friedman covers

Wed Oct 12 14:30:49 PDT 2005

...are the coolest covers ever, in my opinion (and that of Celia Friedman,
by the way, since she was a friend of mine when she started releasing them.)

The covers for the Khaavren Romances are not nearly as cool, IMHO. The
"LoCB" doesn't look anything like Morrolan, "Sethra Lavode" not only doesn't
look even remotely like her description, but her clothes and weapon are
entirely wrong too. (Iceflame is a dagger, not a longsword. She dresses in
black, not black & white. And she's supposed to be thin.) The pictures of
Khaavren himself are more interesting, but a bit too, um, Tiassalike,

The pictures of Vlad and Loiosh on the covers of the early Vlad books are
very cool, but don't look like Vlad or Loiosh much.

I'm rambling now, shut me up anytime.

--Steve the Younger