Thu Oct 13 05:55:42 PDT 2005


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Please forgive the dot-jot style of this email, I didn't have much time when 
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Here we go:

Allam as great weapon.

Possibility:  Verra bound Fenarr into a morganti (the one that Fenarr
himself wields in TPG, or just a weapon, and made it semi-awaken as a great

"They never found his body, but they found Allam" or something like that

The great weapon (Fenarr) decides not to take Miklos' soul because of two

1) He has Bolk as his horse.

2) His agenda is his own, which is to say, Bolk is serving him (and he is
serving Bolk), and therefore he is a true Fenarian.  Fenarr's Agenda was to
create and maintain an Eastern Kingdom free from Eastern attacks, and maybe
influence.  That would make Verra his enemy, and her servants enemies of him
as well.

So Verra has (or rather had) a connection to a good number of the great
weapons:  Blackwand, which is now in the hands of her lover, Iceflame which
is in the hands of someone who will serve the Empire, if not Verra, which
seems good enough.  Pathfinder, in the hands of her own Daughter.  Godslayer
itself, by Verra's tits, in the hand of Vlad, probably the most volatile of
all the wielders, but one who has a remarkable sense of duty--and apparently
quite the High Destiny. And now Allam, no longer connected to her, but used
to be for over 1000 years.  If this is true, then perhaps she is the one
inciting (if anyone is) Sethra The Younger to invade the East, possibly to
get the weapon back.  But even so, it seems bound to the Kings of Fenario,
so maybe it's a non-issue as Great Weapons go.  But then again, maybe it's
just biding its time there.

Again, though, is Kieron's Greatsword a Great Weapon?


And Norska, in case anyone didn't know, are rabbits, or rabbit-like