Allam, and Communism

Thu Oct 13 21:03:07 PDT 2005

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J C wrote:

>The only thing I don't like about Allam as a Great Weapon is that it seems 
>to be to be a little too much trying to label and categorize the magic on 
>Dragaera.  We know for a fact that there are at least two major forms of 
>magic, and probably a third and fourth if Serioli and Jenoine are 1) both 
>forms of magic and 2) not the same type of magic.
-What is the defining characteristic that makes a weapon Great?   What 
-happens when that same characteristic is applied to a non-weapon?

Pardon me if I'm wrong, but a Great Weapon is exclusively the creation of
the serioli (sp), is it not?  Kieron's greatsword, in as much as we know
anything of it, functions as a large piece of stabbity-hack metal, a potent
symbol of conquest, and potentially a talisman to draw the soul of Kieron
from the paths....which, by vote of irony, I hope goes into an easterner who
recovers it from StY's smoking corpse.

So, aside from all else, was Allam made by our serioli friends?