Allam, and Communism

Fri Oct 14 15:21:30 PDT 2005

.I don't think there's enough textual evidence to settle those points
.one way or the other.  When Verra encounters Vlad with Spellbreaker,
.it reacts to her emphaticly.  This argues that Spellbreaker 'knows'
.its purpose, and is willing and maybe even enthusiastic in acting on
.it even though not yet a great weapon.  Given that the pre-Godslayer
.capabilities of Spellbreaker include the neutralization of magic,
.it could well be a threat to Verra even prior to the fusing with the
.soul and the Morganti weapon.

I do not believe as spellbreaker it could neutralize her powers. I think, if
I remember the sequence right, that he set spellbreaker spinning, then
uttered a short prayer to verra, as was his habit before doing something
stupid, and was greatly surprised when she answered.....