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> While some portion of Fenarr might have been bound to the sword, I
> don't think that whatever portion that was, was capable of making
> clear and rational decisions as you describe above.  Indeed, one of
> the things noted about Állam was that it had the tendency to cause the
> wielder to become an insane berserker, forsaking rational thought for
> a nearly pure destructive bloodlust.

OTOH, GWs have personalities. What kind of personalities? We might
speculate:OTOH, GWs have personalities. What kind of personalities? We
might speculate:

	seventeen GWs : seventeen Houses

We only "feel" two of these Weapons' personalities from their wielders'
POV, and those personalities have pretty clear associations:

	Godslayer/Lady Teldra : Issola
	Blackwand : Dragon

Given your description of Állam (which I agree with), it too has an
obvious House style:

	Állam : Dzur

Having said that, I must agree with the rest of your analysis.

Also in this thread, Jon wrote: 

>So Verra has (or rather had) a connection to a good number of the great
>weapons:  Blackwand, which is now in the hands of her lover

No, her lover's cousin. Adron was Verra's lover, and he died in his
Disaster (although...). Aliera, their daughter, is cousin to Morrolan, who
has held Blackwand since Sethra Lavode gave it to him (with some prompting
or reminders from Chaz, IIRC).

>And Norska, in case anyone didn't know, are rabbits, or rabbit-like

With fangs.

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