OSC's InterGalactic Medicine Show e-zine goes live

Sat Oct 15 22:26:25 PDT 2005


Orson Scott Card's online e-zine, the InterGalactic Medicine Show, has
gone live as of October 15th:

I popped over, created a login, and discovered that a) they pay pretty
well for stories, art, and so on, and b) that means that they charge
cash money for the pleasure of reading their publication.

Fine. It was a painless $2.50 via PayPal, and I had access to the
whole enchilada in no time.

The format could use some work. Basically, each story is one long HTML
page. While each story has some stellar artwork, the continual
page-down, page-down, page-down of it prompts one to wonder if they've
never heard of the WordPress concept of breaking up stories into
logical pages. Deep Magic's approach is superior in this respect, but
hey, DM's been doing it longer:

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