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whoops, sent this wrong:

I always got the feeeling that Pathfinder could "find the true path" around 
the God's defenses, if required to.  It just isn't as good at slaying gods 
as Godslayer was, because it has to work around the defenses, instead of 
dissolving a path right through them.


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 > Steve Simmons wrote:
 > I'm not recalling this.   Where did you hear this?   Was that the intent
 > of Pathfinder?

In _Issola_, Sethra gives Vlad a lecture on the origin and nature of the
Great Weapons wherein she reveals that the hope of the Serioli was that they
would be used to destroy the Lords of Judgement. The gods have mostly
subverted them to their service instead, but you never know what the future

Basically, from the Serioli point of view the gods are no better than the
Jenoine. They're all a bunch of oppressors.

What we know about Pathfinder specifically comes from Vlad and Morollan's
visit to the old serioli  in, I believe, _Dragon_. The impression we get (or
that I get, anyway) is that Pathfinder was orignally designed to work in
tandem with Godslayer. Pathfinder would unerringly locate the target God and
transport you to it and Godslayer would kill it for you.

According to the serioli Pathfinder became something other than it was
intended. Judging by the things we've seen it do that might mean that it
turned out more powerful than intended and that it now can locate most
anything, anywhere. Then again, it might indicate something else entirely
and we might be surprised down the road when Pathfinder does something
unexpected. It's interesting that Aliera felt that Pathfinder had been
attempting to come to her and that Morollan's war was a consequence of that.
Pathfinder may not just be a magical sword that "finds" the path. It may be
a magical sword that "creates" a path, whether it's between two locations in
space or between two events in time.