Other Great Weapon (SPOILERS)

Wed Oct 19 18:27:02 PDT 2005

It is mentioned that it takes a whole hell of a lot to kill the bearer of a 
great weapon--as evidenced in _Issola_.   Morrolan was *dead* but there were 
still attacks coming from Blackwand--and one can be fairly sure they weren't 
meant to tickle the Jenoine into lowering their guard.

Of course, that might have been the extent of BW's effect, given its 
previous history vs. Jenoine, but that's beside the point.

I think it entirely likely that the blades themselves will protect the 
bearer's soul--it is, after all, the matter of the simplest necromantic 
magicks to do so--every necromancer, for whatever reason (practicality given 
his work material, as opposed to a protection against certain Jhereg 
assassins) protects their soul "in a box" as we learn in _Athyra_

While this may or may be accurate, it's pretty obviously true in some way or 
another.  However, that box doesn't necessarily protect against Morganti 
weapons (which interesting implies that the weapons can "trace" a soul's 
echo from the body to the storage unit, if space is really someting that 
applies here) because, well, ghosts can't grab Morganti weapons and stab you 
with them, or nothing would protect against it anyway---unless you had a 
stonger, sentient Morganti bound to your soul.

However, if you *do* manage to get yourself killed, is it the *blade* that 
fights on, or is it your mind inside the blade directing the blade's power?

All of this leads up to my main point:

If Sethra wanted to liberate a GW from a user who was unsuitable for 
whatever purpose, how many armies would she need to bring along?

How many GWs would be a part of that army?  Would Gods form the unit of 

Can GW's be used against one another (is this a plot device? hint 
hint)((aside, can Mario kill the wielder of a great weapon? He got the 
emperor, but was that fluke or plan?  And is the Orb comprable to a GW?  I 
ask because it seems that the Orb uses Amophia, whereas it's my pet theory 
that GWs use Necrophia))

Is it in any way wise to pit a GW against another (fire with fire seemingly 
the only effective means of pursuing this topic) and is the sheer folly of 
inviting portable natural disasters to one up each other the reason Sethra 
isn't going after it?

Anyway, you're welcome for another 1/3 baked set of ideas from