Other Great Weapon (SPOILERS)

Thu Oct 20 09:34:39 PDT 2005

>None.  She could probably do it herself.  If she didn't want to
>take the risk, she could contract it out to a 2 person team pretty

I'm still unconvinced that Sethra would ever do anything to "liberate" a
Great Weapon. Her interest in knowing where they are is the same sort of
interest you'd show if you lived with a risk of invasion, there were
automatic rifles in the neighborhood, and you and your next-door neighbor
each had one. If you found out your neighbor a block over had one too, you'd
make a note of it but you wouldn't pound on his door and demand that he give
it to you so you can reapportion it to someone "more appropriate". 

However, if the invasion came it might be totally appropriate to show up at
his door with a case of cartridges and tell him "fall out, soldier!" despite
his protestations that the gun is intended purely as a wall trophy.