Other Great Weapon (SPOILERS)

Thu Oct 20 10:38:48 PDT 2005


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> On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Davdi Silverrock wrote:

> > I am not sure that Pathfinder disguised itself, but I think it 
> > reasonable to conclude that Baritt *didn't*.  I mean, why would he?
> > If he really had Pathfinder, in its undisguised form, and 
> was linked 
> > to it, he would have no reason not to carry it around and 
> show it off.

> Philip Hart wrote:

> Assuming he wasn't linked, the sword would be a serious 
> temptation to anyone interested in either attempting a link 
> or just having the thing.
> And by not advertising P he gets to wow the babes and mystify 
> his enemies.

I hereby speculate that 'twas Baritt who disguised the sword, but only
toward the end of his life. He managed to keep his possession of it secret
through non-disguised means for most of the time, so he could also make us
of it, and somehow that Dragonlord from "Dragon" found out he had it. StY
also knew he had it (speculation) and when Baritt was killed off StY had
planned to make a grab for it as a bonus. However, Baritt made preparations
so that even though his now-enemies (formerly conspirators) could have him
killed (he too was probably aware of the saying: no matter how subtle the
wizard...) he wanted to deny them Pathfinder. But StY only wanted Pathfinder
so long as Kieron's Greatsword was not in the picture, so even though she
picks Pathfinder up (and thereby succeeds in obtaining her bonus for
Baritt's death) it is after Aliera has returned with Kieron's sword, which
she REALLY wants. And, once she has Pathfinder, she realizes that IT does
not want HER, giving her more motivation to make an exchange.