Other Great Weapon (SPOILERS)

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Thu Oct 20 20:15:55 PDT 2005

On Baritt, remember he said this when he met Aliera:

   "Baritt said, 'And you?'
   'I am Aliera.'
   His eyes widened.  'Indeed?  Well, this is indeed, droll.  
And you are trying to return to living lands, are you not? 
Well, then, I crave a favor.  If you succeed, and I am still 
alive, don't visit me.  I don't think I could stand it."
   Aliera said, 'My Lord, we are--'
   'Yes, I know.  I cannot help you.  There is no way out 
except the one you know.  Any purple robe can guide you back 
there.  I am sorry.' 
   And he did actually seem to be sorry, too, but he was 
looking at Aliera as he said it.
   Aliera scowled and her nostrils flared.  She said, 
'Very well, then,' and we left Baritt standing there."

Could Baritt have been in love with Aliera too?  Was he 
searching for her for years?  Only to find her when he is 
dead and she alive again.  Could he have been collecting 
Morganti weapons in an effort to find Pathfinder to find her.
Could Baritt have been one of the others that helped in the
search for Aliera's soul using Pathfinder without Sethra
knowing how he did it.

Then again, maybe Baritt or someone else hid Pathfinder in 
a Great Sword to keep it from actively searching for Aliera 
itself. Sort of like the idea that Spellbreaker would keep 
trying to find Dolivar and if it wasn't being blocked somehow.
Remember Spellbreaker in Issola--"slithered over to you, and,
uh, it kind of crawled up your arm".