Dzur and the cycle poem

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Thu Oct 27 09:53:52 PDT 2005

Philip Hart wrote:

>We use an accentual-syllabic system today for the most part,
>but there are other ways of expressing a poem's meter.
>Classical meters for example used long and short syllables.
>Dzur is a very long syllable and might be thought to take up
>the same time interval as a standard foot.  This might
>be an indication that Dragaeran prosody uses such a system.
Of course translated poetry has some problems in fitting translated 
words into the original meter.   The word "Dzur" appears to be grabbed 
in whole from the Dragaeran language.   But it may be the closest 
approximation that Steve could come up to how an English speaker would 
hear some Dragaerans pronouncing that word.     Variations within 
Dragaera are likely larger than variations within American English, and 
probably even English English.

What would be interesting to hear is how a Hungarian speaker would 
pronounce that word.

I suspect it sounds a lot like


Which isn't a long syllable at all.