House characteristics

Thu Oct 27 22:31:41 PDT 2005


Some more House notes... are you looking for just personality traits, or for
physical traits as well?  I've included some of the latter; if they are
unwanted, let me know.


the enthusiasm of a Tiassa,
the courage of a Dzur,
the subtlety of a Yendi,
the ferocity of a Dragon, and
the thoroughness of a Lyorn
 - FHYA 243

reason like an Athyra
 - FHYA 267

courage of a Dragonlord
 - FHYA 279

the heroism of the Dzur,
the ferocity of the Dragon,
the cleverness of the Yendi,
the nobility of the Lyorn,
the enthusiasm of the Tiassa
one point of similarity that the Tiassa share with the Dragon and the Dzur:
their inability to keep their thoughts from being fully and immediately
revealed on their countenances.
 - POTD, 97

[Roanna] had the ears of her house [Tiassa]--that is, more pointed that
those of an Athyra, but less so than those of a Dzur.
 - POTD, 143

as serious as an Iorich
 - POTD, 181

one might at first think of [Sethra] as a Dzurlord from the slant to her
eyes and the point to her ears; yet a closer inspection would reveal the
bridged nose and high cheekbones characteristic of the House of the Dragon.
 - POTD, 186

with the narrow eyes and thin lips typical of a Tiassa
 - POTD, 252

It's much too late to go digging up page numbers, but Tiassa appear to be
innately prescient to one degree or another.  Daro has premonitions about
Khaavren being in danger in FHYA that prove to be correct, both of them at
the end feel certain that if the other had died, they would have "known it"
somehow, the Tiassa pyrologist in POTD has visions that sometimes prove
true.  Also, in the very beginning of Teckla, Vlad visits an oracle who is a