Alera's Dragon-ness - alternate theory

Fri Oct 28 09:51:57 PDT 2005

Does anyone recall if there are detailed phsyical descriptions of Adron anywhere? Specifically, in FHYA,  does Paarfi ever compare Adron's and Aliera's appearances? I found a reference in Phoenix Guards which mentiones that he had brown hair, blue eyes, and a very sharp chin, but that's all. 

I've come up with another theory for how Aliera became the accepted Dragon heir despite being half-God: She isn't half-God at all. Verra is her "mother" because she bore her, but genetically, Aliera is in fact a clone of Adron. 

I know, the different sexes and brown hair seem to disprove this off the bat, but they don't have to. Verra worked with the Jenoine and we know what *they* got up to - Verra herself is presumably a skilled genetecist. If she decided she wanted a blond-haired daughter instead of a brown-haired son, she could easily have made slight modifications to ensure that recessive blond-haired genes would be expressed. 

Changing the sex would be more difficult but not impossible.  (At least if we assume that elfs have the same XX-XY sexual differentation structure as homo sapiens; this is not at all certain. Some mammals have a single X chromosome, or two Xs in all individuals, and differentiate sexes based on the expression of a gene, which would be simple to turn on or off.)

All of which leads up to - if she was genetically tested, she'd test as pure E'Kieron, just like her father, so there would be no question of her suitability as Heir. If they were very similar in appearance, that's a point in favor of the theory. 

- Rook