Alera's Dragon-ness - alternate theory

Fri Oct 28 13:09:00 PDT 2005

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 13:45:18 -0400, Maximilian Wilson  
<wilson.max at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 10/28/05, Rook <gisho at puddleofgoo.com> wrote:
>> I've come up with another theory for how Aliera became the accepted  
>> Dragon
>> heir despite being half-God: She isn't half-God at all. Verra is her
>> "mother" because she bore her, but genetically, Aliera is in fact a  
>> clone of
>> Adron.
> As you note, there is in fact no evidence in favor of this theory and a  
> lot
> of evidence against it--Aliera is unusually short for a Dragaeran, has a
> different hair color than Adron, and is a different sex; you handwave  
> these
> inconvenient facts away by invoking Verra's presumed desire to have a  
> short,
> blond, female clone of Adron for reasons unknown. At that point it  
> becomes
> questionable whether it's necessary to your theory to have Aliera be a
> "clone" at all.
> My Bayesian detectors are screaming; this theory requires that you have a
> heavy prior-belief investment in Verra being "genetically" unrelated to
> Aliera. It would probably be simpler to postulate that Verra is somehow a
> Dragon herself. Not that I think that's necessary, but YMMV.
> Max Wilson

Or, put another way, if you're going to suggest that Verra modified a  
clone of Adron because she wanted a blond short daughter I'd ask why Verra  
couldn't have instead modified her part of Aliera's genetics to make  
Aliera test full-blooded Dragon.

It makes more logical sense than randomly deciding on some traits for a  
daughter, but of course Verra is involved so logic may be a point against  
the idea.

Everything works in Theory.

I need to learn how to program in Theory.