Aliera's Dragon-ness - alternate theory

Fri Oct 28 15:02:01 PDT 2005

>  From: rone <rone at ennui.org>
>  Debatable.  She clearly *was* a different species, but now that she's
>  a god, she might not be a species anymore in a biological sense.

Yes, but Aliera's not a god. ( ... Yet.  Oh dear. That could explain some of the weirdness involving Devera's conception nicely.) She clearly has genes, of some sort.  And if one accepts that godhood is a quality one can gain, there's no reason to believe Verra isn't *still* whatever she was before, except with the godhood added on - she's still got a physical body, after all. (Some of the other gods, it's not so clear. One could argue that Nyssa, for example, is a dismebodied soul.)

>  You're overthinking this.  

Oh, but the overthinking is half the fun! ^_^