Alera's Dragon-ness - alternate theory

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Sat Oct 29 15:41:25 PDT 2005

Pardon the top-posting.  I can't tell what is what below.

I haven't done a whole lot of thinking about Dragaeran theology, but I 
think I remember that the Gods are beings capable of manifesting in any 
plane of existence (barring being killed in one of the planes, as Morrolan 
killed a god once).  Surely, Verra may, therefore, manifest in Dragaera as 
a Dragaeran?  She must have, to have conceived and borne Aliera.

At 17:11 10/28/2005, Doug Croteau wrote:
>I would think that if one actually became a god, one could choose ones new 
>make and model so to speak. The gods appears as widely varied as anyone 
>could imagine, the consistancy is inconsistancy, much like human whim. It 
>is my opinion they choose their own forms.
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>>>  I would also imagine that she passed the genetic tests as being a 
>>> full-blooded Dragon, or else the House wouldn't've approved her being 
>>> the Heir.  There's no reason to have her godly provenance show up in 
>>> something so mundane as a genetic test.
>>There's been discussion of this before, and whether gods are considered 
>>"of all houses" , or if it was simply that nobody wanted to argue the 
>>point. I'm inclined to believe that she *tested* full Dragon, rather than 
>>the Dragon Council somehow agreeing that godly genetics got a special 
>>pass, especially since Dragerans don't worship the gods.
>>The thing is, even if Verra's a god now, she's also a different species. 
>>Whatever she is existed before the Jenoine even created Dragaerans. If 
>>Aliera is her daughter genetically, and this is why "the blood of a god" 
>>allowed her to leave the paths, then surely it would have shown up on a 
>>scan. And if Aliera *is* Verra's daughter gentically, that means she 
>>herself is an interspecies crossbreed, which probably means it took a lot 
>>of tinkering to make her.
>>I don't know what the genetic work involved in creating a viable, fertile 
>>interspecies crossbreed would be, or whether it would be more or less 
>>difficult than tinkering with a clone to make it look different from its 

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