Morganti Weapons (a new and different question- ok it's a stretch)

Sat Nov 5 09:42:40 PST 2005

The Question-

Are Morganti weapons effective in the Halls of Judgement?

I propose they are conditionally- when applied to non-divinities.
Because: Morganti weapons destroy souls. Souls are extant in the paths of 
the dead. (re: Issola, Taltos, etc.) The only textev I can remember that may 
support this is that in Taltos (I may have the book inaccurate) Morrolan is 
fighting with the presumably dead Dragonlord (before Vlad mixes it up) and 
""She (Morrolan's opponent) looked at it (Blackwand) apprehensively. "Don't 
worry, it does what I tell it to." says Morrolan."" This to me implies at 
least that Blackwand in particular could/would be effective in destroying a 
soul permanently while it is "unbodied"- that is, when the soul-destroying 
properties are active and come into contact with the 
soul-material-as-energy-field (Issola).
I postulate that Blackwand is (for this question) a special case of Morganti 
weapon, in that its soul-destroying properties can be "turned off", either 
by the sentient blade itself, or by the will of Morrolan.
I also postulate that the "people" in the Halls, and also specifically in 
the outlying areas, are the soul-material-as-energy-field, either 
temporarily embodied, or that actually the Halls (and environs) are a 
dimension where the soul-material is manifested as a body, while Vlad and 
Morrolan's bodies are .... hmmm.... either still exstant and are treated as 
soul-material, or possibly their physical forms are subsumed by their 
soul-material, or temporarily suppressed by their soul-material- because 
most physical bodies don't actually make it out of the shoreline area.

This might have implications on the whole debate about why V (as Easterner) 
was allowed one Get Out of Hall Free pass. Or not.

James Griffin
Still Another Vlad faN

Ps. Enjoy