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Tue Nov 8 08:56:38 PST 2005

dovekie wrote:

>I'm new to the list, so I don't know if this has been covered before, but...
>Does anyone have a good recipe for klava?
We had a discussion about this a few months ago (and again before that), 
but I believe the most recent one was swallowed up by the gods of data 
loss when the server when down. From my archive, I have the following:

> Scott Crain wrote:
> To quote Vlad in Issola:
> "You press coffee through a filter made of eggshells and wood chips 
> with vanillla bean, then reheat it so it almost boils, then you pass 
> it through a cloth to remove any oils brought out by the reheating. 
> [...] Hickory works well, also fegra, cherrywood, and crocra. It's the 
> wood, or combination of woods, that make each version unique. Well, 
> and how much vanilla you use. Also, some people add cinnamon, but I 
> don't; cinnamon is just as good if you add it later."
> Voila! Klava! Well, maybe not directions you would care to try right 
> now, but I'm sure someone will be curious enough to try. 

So you have a starting point. Then, from people who actually tried this, 
as compiled by Linda G. (frieda2133 at aol.com):

>Someone who says he made klava (March 2003)    :
>Steve's reaction to the idea that someone actually might have tried his recipe
>for klava:
>Mark A. Mandel's warning about toxic wood: 
>Heh, this may be a bad sign, the person who says he made klava in 2003 is
>no longer on the mailing list.
>Linda G.
I assume others with more knowledge here can expand on this; I don't 
actually drink coffee, so there's not much I can contribute to the 


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