Tue Nov 8 15:01:12 PST 2005

Now you are just taunting the Dzur. I don't know that you can quantify 
Sethra as a half breed, as she was around before the founding of the tribe. 
I would imagine that in the begining, there was not that many "pure" 
human-dzur crossbreeds, unless the creation of a large breeding group was 
the Jenoine intent. Instead, I picture the tribes forming based on "family" 
grouping (ie: caged together) as well as commen personality attributes, and 
going from there. Of course, most of those with the same attributes would be 
from the same general genetic mold, hence the names of the tribe.


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Sethra got there...

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>I find it highly unlikely that a half-breed would be brought to  Deathgate.
>Do half-breeds (and infants) have to find their own paths when they  die?