Quiet (Spoilers)

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bryann at bryann.net wrote on 11/8/2005 1:31:22 PM :

>1. How did Arra manage to use witchcraft while Laszlo could not?

Arra works for Verra.  Once Arra realized something was up, she contacted
Verra and got help.  

>4. Is this perhaps what Verra was hinting at? 

I think so too.  

6.  Had he forgotten about Awtla and Sireng?  

I think Laszlo called them his friends--not his familiars.  I think Awtla
and Sireng are Loiosh and Rocza in a past life.  And whichever was Loiosh's
prior incarnation would not have wanted to be the familiar of anyone except 
a prior incarnation of Vlad.  So they are all just friends.

7. I am nearly convinced that the narrator of Athyra is none other than Savn

I think so too.  I can see Vlad trying to help Savn's family out with money
and they refuse to take charity.  So Vlad or Kiera set up a deal with the 
owner of
the shiny box for Savn to tell his story.  

9.  I don't know how Brokedown Palace fits in with all this.

Bolk told Miklos to write down what happened.  Brokedown Palace, Chapter 17,
page 266.  The manuscript could have been read into the shiny box.  Hopefully,
Miklos got some of the gold.


Linda G.